Trump Lost. It’s Time for Him to Concede

The election is over. As predicted by most pollsters and pretty much all forecasters, Biden won. The way in which he won, as predicted by the forecasters, started with what has been deemed a “red mirage” as Republican-leaning in-person votes were counted first in many swing states, and then, as predicted, mail-in ballots began to be entered into the count, and, as predicted, many of the swing states turned blue, netting Biden the presidency.

For anyone paying attention in the lead up to the election, nothing really surprising took place. The polls were accurate, at least as far as the final outcome was concerned, and the incumbent, who had the lowest average approval rating of any president since the metric was introduced, lost.

Unfortunately for all Americans who value our democratic process, Trump is not one to accept defeat easily. He has made numerous claims that the elections were fraudulent, or that the results were otherwise inaccurate. Even with numerous Trump court filings being tossed out as nonsensical, he and his base (at least when they know they’re still on air) still hold the line that somehow, somewhere, someone cheated.

Luckily, Solomon Rajput, a former congressional candidate in Michigan and leader of the Done Waiting organization, refuses to stand for Trump’s attacks on the democratic process. He worked with to create a petition calling for Trump to concede his defeat, and end his divisive rhetoric before it can do more damage to the public’s faith in democracy.

All readers of this article are encouraged to sign the petition, and help ensure that American democracy is defended. When it comes to the election, we cannot afford to wait around and allow Trump’s spurious claims to turn into a multi-month period of baseless uncertainty; we are Done Waiting.




a disruptive army of young people fighting to elect progressives and bend the establishment to the will of the people.

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Done Waiting

Done Waiting

a disruptive army of young people fighting to elect progressives and bend the establishment to the will of the people.

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